Cookie Consent by Free Privacy Policy Generator Review is a website that allows users to earn free cash by completing simple tasks, such as watching videos and taking surveys. In addition to making free cash, users can also earn gift cards to popular retailers, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks. This Freecash Review will show why the site is good at earning with.

Table of Contents:

  1. How to earn on Freecash?
    1. Offerwalls
    2. Paid Surveys
    3. Daily Bonus
    4. Promotions
    5. Leaderboard
    6. Referrals
  2. How much money can you expect to earn?
  3. Payment options
  4. Support
  5. Final Verdict

1. How to earn on Freecash?

Freecash has plenty of opportunities to earn. The most popular ways are Offerwalls and Surveys since they pay quite well compared to the time put in. However, the leaderboards can also be interesting because users can get some extra money if they earned much that day.

1.1 Offerwalls

One of the best ways to earn on Freecash is by completing paid offers on offerwalls. Offerwalls are third-party sites embedded into Freecash which have some nice ways to earn. Examples of tasks on an offerwall:

  • Sign Up for a website
  • Sign up for a free trial
  • Download a mobile app
  • Play a mobile/PC Game
  • Register for Sweepstakes
  • Complete Quizzes
Oferwalls of Freecash
Offerwalls of Freecash including the popularity in your country

Freecash also shows you the popularity of the offerwalls in your country. The offerwalls that fit best for your country will be displayed first.

Freecash nearly always offers limited bonuses for specific Offerwalls.

1.2 Paid surveys

Paid surveys work similarly to offerwalls: You complete a task from a third-party website and get paid for this. However, the task here is always completing a survey.

When you first attempt a survey from any provider the provider will ask for some information to find the best surveys fitting your profile.

When your profile is built and you can get to an external survey you will also be asked some basic information to see if you fit for this particular survey. They might ask questions you answered before to see if you give constant responses. I suggested not to cheating on survey sites because they will find out and take all your earnings back.

Survey Providers availible on Freecash
Survey Providers available on Freecash

Like in the offerwalls section, Freecash also sometimes offers a bonus for completing paid surveys from specific providers. The popularity in your country is shown here as well.

1.3 Daily Bonus

What about getting paid for logging in daily?

Freecash makes it possible if you earned at least 1000 Coins in the past 30 days. Depending on your level you start with a base reward every day. You can either claim this reward or risk it to get a higher one. With this, you can get up to 51200 Coins every day on level 100. However, this is very unlikely to get and you need to risk your current reward.

Daily Bonus (up to 51200 Coins)

1.4 Promotions

Freecash is dropping some codes on its social media channels from time to time. When you redeem these coins and earn a bit of money, you get a little bonus.

1.5 Leaderboard

Does hard work pay off? If it’s about earning on Freecash the answer is definitely yes!

Freecash rewards the users who earn the most within one day or one month, either globally or just in their country. They also host special events in some months or events.

They distribute $500 to the top earners daily. Monthly they distribute another $5000.

$200,000 distributed on October Event
Current running special event on October

1.6 Referrals

Another way to earn on Freecash is by referring your friends to use their service. It’s a win-win: Your friends earn money the easy way and you earn commissions meanwhile. You’ll earn 5% of your referral’s earnings directly on top of your balance.

Referred users are also able to open a free case and win up to $250.

Referral Rewards

2. How much money can you expect to earn?

Freecash has a huge potential for its users to earn money. However, the amount you’ll earn depends on your activity on the site as well as your country and other factors like gender, products you use, hobbies, etc. This is especially applicable to paid surveys. However, always be honest in surveys. In the long term, this will let you earn the most.
To check how much other users earned today, you can always check the leaderboard. There’s also a bar on the site showing the latest withdrawals and task completions of users. If you watch this a bit you might find the best-earning opportunities for your country. Another indicator where to earn the most is the Popularity of an offerwall/surveywall in your country.

green = earned, red = withdrawal, blue = detailed information

3. Withdrawal Options

Now you earned those “points”, but how much money have you got?
Easy to answer: 1000 Coins are $1; 10 Coins are equal to 1 Cent etc

But the question that’s probably as important as the conversion rate: How to cash out?

Withdrawal Options of Freecash

Freecash has plenty of withdrawal options available to fit everyone’s needs. The minimum payout for Cryptocurrencies is $0.5, for gift cards it’s at least $5, sometimes even $10 or $15. However, you can select your country so the gift card will be redeemable there.

The payments are completed almost instantly.

4. Support

Do you have any questions about the site? Freecash has a FAQ section answering basic questions. If you do not find your answer there, you’ll find the support on the right site right next to the global chat.

Any question you ask there will be answered by a member of their team. I never experienced a waiting time of more than 5 Minutes, the response was nearly instant almost every time.


5. Final Verdict

Freecash has plenty of excellent earning methods which will help you earn a lot, depending on your commitment and your demographics. I like the instant withdrawals and the opportunity to communicate with a support member in a very short time. Another great thing is the normal chat where other members will help you with questions or issues concerning offers you are completing.

There’s also a negative thing about this site: They don’t have that many offerwalls/surveywalls added to their site. If they added more, there would be more earning opportunities.

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