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Beermoneyforum is a forum paying to write content inside it. They pay quite well just for writing.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Beermoneyforum?
  2. What are the main forum topics?
  3. Why should you check it out?
  4. Beermoneyforum Reward Program
  5. How to cash out?
  6. Final Verdict

1. What is Beermoneyforum?

Beermoneyforum is probably the most well-known Forum in the Crypto and earning online niche. The forum was built to help each other to make money online. This is achieved with multiple sections about different subtopics, especially in the make-money-online niche. You can find the best sites to earn with there, as well as tips&tricks if you run your own website and want to monetize with. There are also people sharing their journey of making money online, which is very helpful to inspire other people.

2. Main Forum Topics

On Beermoneyforum, as the name suggests, everything is about money. Most topics are about ways or websites/apps to make money online. You will find reviews about websites there which will help you find out if the site is legit and pays out. Nothing is worse than earning much money on a site that turns out to be a scam.

On the other hand, Crypto is one of the main topics in this forum. Do you wonder how Crypto works or when it’s the best time to invest? On Beermoneyforum you will find information and advice from other members. However, please only invest what you can afford to lose.

Do you like gambling? Beermoneyforum also has a section for this! This includes Casino Reviews as well as questions and answers about gambling.

If you own a website, Beermoneyforum is also a good place to visit. In their “Webmaster Forum” you will find everything about how to set up a website and how to improve it. From Hosting to Webdesign. If you already have a good website and want to monetize it, you may want to have a look at the “Internet Marketing Forum”. You will find different monetization strategies there, from normal Display Ads to Affiliate Marketing. In this section, you may also ask questions about how to start your own business.

Beermoneyforum also got a place to just chat around with other members no matter what the topic is. It has also a Marketplace where you might buy/sell anything (as long as it’s legal). You can also post jobs for other Forum members there.

3. Why should you check it out?

If you want to earn money online, which you probably want because you are here, Beermoneyforum is a nice place to check out. If you ever got a question about a specific site or making money in general, just post it there. You will also earn for posting this question.

You find reviews for Casinos and GPT Sites in this forum. If you want to find out about the best ways to earn money just go there and see.

Beermoneyforum is a great place to trade. No matter if you have anything to sell, you need anything or you just want to exchange one currency for another. Just list your offer in the BMF Marketplace and wait for someone to trade with you.

Need more signups to your ref links? Need more views on a Youtube video? Post a Job for other members to do and pay them a bit for doing it.

4. Beermoneyforum Reward Program

Beermoneyforum is a forum about making money online. So it might not be this unexpected that you are also able to earn money on Beermoneyforum. But what are the ways to earn there?

At first, you earn Points for Posting new threads or replies. That’s interesting because you earn while asking for help or helping others.

The rates are quite well. According to their official thread on their own Forum, they have the following rates:

  • 20 BMF Points per reply
  • Up to 100 BMF Points per new thread
  • 1000 BMF Points per valid Referral (Referrals who wrote over 100 messages)

However, this thread is from 2017. I guess I noticed even higher rates. However, to be paid the posts have to fit some criteria, like a minimum length. The rewards are also limited per hour: You will get paid for up to 5 posts and 10 threads per hour. Please keep in mind that every new thread is approved manually before being displayed to the public and before you are able to get the rewards.

There is also a not-paid section: The “Make Money Forum” including the support and marketplace section, as well as the area for general topics or general questions about making money online.

5. How to cash out?

Beermoneyforum has different ways to cash out. This includes Bitcoin Cash, Payeer, Skrill, PerfectMoney, and even PayPal.

1000 BMF Points are equal to $1

For Bitcoin Cash, and Payeer the minimum withdrawal is $2, for PayPal $50

Withdrawal Options on Beermoneyforum

The cashout itself is a bit complicated, but the following guide will explain to you in detail, how to cash out:

1. Go to the BMF Shop

2. Select the Item you want to purchase and click on the price displayed in Points

3. Edit the number of articles to purchase

4. Go to the checkout

5. Confirm your order and hit purchase

6. Find your wallet address/account number etc

Note that the “bitcoincash:” isn’t part of the actual wallet address and therefore shouldn’t be included in the withdrawal request

6. View your purchases and click on “Configure” to set your wallet address

7. If your purchase is listed under “active purchases”, you did everything correctly

The withdrawal might take some days

6. Final Verdict

Beermoneyforum is a great community for everyone who wants to earn money online. It has a great community that helps each other to find the best ways to make the most money as quickly as possible. Another great thing about this forum is, that it gives money for communicating about Websites, Earning Money Online, or Crypto. It basically pays to learn.
However, the forum is full of ads. There are a lot of sponsored posts, normal banner ads, and even ads via direct messages. Those ads can be removed with the premium subscription, but it’s quite expensive at 497€ per year.

7. Payment proof

Recent Payment Proofs can be found here:

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